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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64
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Zombie Faceball Description

Smack the FACE!!!

Are you ready to knock that vacant look off the faces of the living dead? Of course you are! After all, its the zombie apocalypse, we should have some fun before we all... become the main attraction for a bizarre game of Zombie Faceball!

Swipe at head's of Zombies before they attack your bait... err... your friends... Well never mind who they are! All you need to know is you can't play without them!

Smack Zombie heads as far you can and watch the fun begin!

Bounce undead heads off of birds, exploding barrels, piles of doggy doo, rocket-powered floating televisions, and all other sorts of crazy!

− Physics-based gameplay!
− Unlock new tools for decapitation! Chainsaws, Frying Pans, Magic Unicorn Horns and more!
− Unlock new Zombies! Prom Queen, Pogo Elvis, Flaming-Skull Rascal and more!
− Level up and increase your strength and accuracy. Trailersaurus awaits...
− Discover Mini-Games to earn even more points!
− Endless rounds offer unlimited hours of gameplay!

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