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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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Your Tube 8 Pro Description

Your Tube 8 Pro is a simple and fast YouTube client Windows 8 app which allows you to search for YouTube videos and view them from your Windows 8 device.

The UI is attractive and the navigation system it is very simple to use.

Search for videos can be performed by keyword and category and the results can be ordered by Date, Rating etc.. Search for channels can be performed by keyword and the results can be ordered by Date, Rating etc.. In both of the above search cases the keyword can be in any language. From the channels search results selecting a channel you are able to view its playlists and their videos.

Via this app you are able to login into your YouTube account, view videos, follow your activity, take social actions, work with your playlists and channel subscriptions, upload and edit your uploaded videos.

The app is offered as a trial for one week. During the trial period you will have at your disposal all the capabilities the app has to offer. After the trial period you will not be able to login and work with your account any more. You will be able only to search for videos and channels.. In case you want to use the app after the trial period with all the capabilities available, you will have to purchase the app from the store. After purchasing the app in case the app is running, you must close it and reopen it. You will be able to use it with all the capabilities.

Below some points you should be aware of, when using the app, are referred to:

Concerning your login, a simple YouTube account in not enough to login. You will need a valid YouTube account with an active channel. Otherwise you will be able to login, but you will not be able to view and work with your favorites, playlists etc.

Your watch history videos (we support up to 1000 history videos) are stored locally in an xml format inside the folder Your_Tube_8_Pro under your videos folder. The folder will be created in the background the first time you will add a video to your watch history videos within the app. When the limit of the 1000 videos will be reached the first 100 videos will be deleted to take their place the last new ones.

All the other app data such as your favorites, watch later, likes, playlists, uploads and subscriptions are stored in Google's YouTube database.

As far as the video upload request is concerned, the app supports one background upload process at a time. Please keep in mind that after uploading a video to YouTube it will take significant time until the uploaded video will be available to your uploads within the app.

In general after performing insert, update or delete (for example creating a playlist) towards the YouTube database, the changes might not be visible in the results immediately due to the time needed by Google's YouTube to process your request. In this case we recommend to use the refresh button (which is available on the top right corner of nearly all pages) after a short period of time in order to get the latest changes.

Inside our app we provide advertisements for products from various manufacturers. For that purpose we use the Microsoft Advertisement Framework to ensure that every advertisement is qualified and with quality.

Advertisements will not be visible to end users who have purchased or going to purchase our app.

Enjoy our app and do not hesitate to contact us in case you experience any problem or you have suggestions how to improve it !!!

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