Windows 8 Non-touch Guide

Windows 8 Non-touch Guide (Windows RT to run)


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Jan 21, 2013
x86, x64, ARM
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Windows 8 Non-touch Guide Description

"Windows 8 Non-touch Guide" contains 14 unique topics which will let you get started with Windows 8 on your non-touch laptop or pc and able to know the amazing features of the new operating system.

It also contains an in-app video which gives you in detail features of Windows 8.

It contains the following 14 topics -
* First start - starting with Microsoft account.
* Charms - details about "Charms" sidebar interface
* Start screen and Desktop - details about Start screen and Desktop
* Starting, switching and snapping apps
* Options - Right clicking and new way to take screenshot
* Closing apps - The new way to close app
* Printing from "Metro" apps - new way to print
* Adding users, changing settings - new easy setting menu use
* Turning the machine off - Six different method to shutdown
* Windows 8 Shortcuts - shortcuts with Winkey and others
* More Shortcuts - Application and Mouse Actions
* Run Commands I - shortcuts with run
* Run Commands II - more shortcuts with run
* Windows 8 non-touch video

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