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Jan 06, 2014
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Windows 8: Getting Started Description

Microsoft Windows 8 is here and so is Gary Grudzinskas—our star Windows trainer—to get you up and running fast! Learn all the new features and functions to make sure your transition into Windows 8 is an easy one!

Whenever a new OS is introduced –regardless of what type of computer you're accustomed to– it's important to take a look and see what the buzz is all about –especially when a majority of today's programs are cross platform!

Windows 8, Microsoft's much heralded new OS, is the first major operating system to incorporate both touch and the traditional UI into a single user experience. Whether you’re new to Windows or upgrading from XP, Vista or Windows 7, this course will introduce you to this new OS and help get you started on a solid footing.

There's a lot of new features in Windows 8 and it’s easy to understand how new and longtime Windows users could find it difficult to make the transition. That’s why we collaborated with expert Gary Grudzinskas. Gary has a wonderful way to make seemingly complicated concepts really simple to understand. In this introductory course, Gary—with his friendly and entertaining teaching style—will guide you step by step into the new Windows 8 world.

Get a grasp of the new look and feel. See how to sign in and create your User Account. Learn about Charms, Libraries, File Explorer, File History and Defender. Master the Control Panel, Action Center, the new safety features and so much more.

So sit back and relax because by watching this course you'll soon be comfortable and confident in the new Windows 8 environment.

Table of Contents:
1. Start: Sign in, Sign out
2. Help: Know How to Do It
3. Create a Local User
4. What to Do With a User
5. Libraries: Get to What You Need Fast
6. Getting the View That Works for You
7. Charms: The Basic Charming Overview
8. Family Safety: How to Spy on Your Kids
9. Defender: Be Careful Out There
10. File History: Don't Lose Your Work
11. Control Panel: Configure Here
12. Your Computer Needs You
13. A Solution to the Problem (maybe)
14. Applications: Uninstall Desktop Applications
15. PC Settings Overview
16. Hello, Ribbon
17. Show and Hide
18. The Current View
19. Preview and Details
20. Task Manager: A Look Under the Hood

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