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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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Visual Clipboard Description

Visual Clipboard is the best and easiest way to manage the data you Copy to your system clipboard. Eliminate the tedious retyping of common phrases and snippets of Text, HTML, etc.
Simply add entries to the Visual Clipboard with a touch of a button. Then, easily reuse the data by taping the entry to be used with a paste command. You may then save entries for reuse at any time! Create session groups of entries as sessions to create custom quick entry groups and then save them for later.
Great for creating word documents, presentations, web pages, and even software code. You can even use Visual Clipboard to save text like usernames, your address, or telephone number!
Trial mode will provide all of the basic usage of the app. There is a limit of 8 entries per session and Ad displays without the Paid Full Version. Feedback is much appreciated. Emails will be answered and comments will be read.

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