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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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TrimWord Description

TrimWord is a MarkDown text editor for Windows Modern UI.

The point of TrimWord is to take the hassle out of text editing, so that you can get back to just writing, and loving the work you do. TrimWord handles all the formatting, and all the nonsense; you get to write a structured text file, and call it complete.

That is to say, the second you start typing, your output is beautiful, and you can get the appearance you need in a single click, instead of fussing with dialogs and layout and looking for inconsistencies.

Still, when you need something more powerful, you have the option of falling back on a language you already know - HTML - without breaking the theme. Themed print, themed export to HTML, and easy inclusion of resources like images, even right from the web.

Really, we were just tired of word processors. We wanted to get back to the text. So, we made the tool we wanted, and now we're giving it to you, for free.

TrimWord. Love writing again.

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