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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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Tides, gs Description

“Tides, gs” visually displays tide information for any of the NOAA primary tide prediction stations around the United States. There are currently over 700 such stations operated by NOAA.

A “current time” line, overlaid on the tide height graph, provides an instant visualization of the current tide height at any minute of the day.

A live tile communicates the day’s moon phase and tide highs/lows directly on your Start Screen.

Tide data for all stations is included in the app, allowing instant access to tide information for the nearest location even when you are travelling and without an internet connection. The “Choose a Tide Station” option quickly identifies the station closest to you. You can also choose a station other than the closest station if you wish. A list sorted by state and location makes it easy to choose any station.

Sunrise and sunset times are calculated and displayed with night shading on the graph.

The screen scrolls to the right to show four days of tide and moon information.

The user interface allows you to quickly browse to any date of the year to see what the tide is like on that date (along with the moon phase on that date).

Another graph shows the high-highs and low-lows for the entire year on one screen, also identifying the date and heights of the highest tide and the lowest tide.

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