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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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SpiderCalc is business application. It is multi-tenant fastest ERP application on tablets. It allows users to have full control to the data. It has 30 screens accessible from 30 colorful tiles. It is grouped into Masters, Business partners, orders, invoices, accounting, inventory and Reports. Report tile calls the web application to generate reports. Masters group contains company, branch, product, category, item, sales tax, discount, unit of measure. Business partners group contain customer, supplier, billing shipping address. Orders group contains sales order, purchase order, order line items, purchase order line items. Invoices group contains sales invoice, purchase invoice, sales invoice line items, purchase invoice line items, apply sales tax to sales and purchase invoice. Accounts group contains chart of account, account transaction and account entry. Inventory group contains inventory account, inventory transaction and inventory entry. It is extremely simple and it needs no configuration. It is suitable for trial and making sure that cloud computing is valid option for expensive ERP systems. The web services used for insert, update, Delete operations are not used in any other application. Report web application only generates reports. The help is given on top of each group on the user interface. It explains each and every screen about how to enter data.
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