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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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Snake and Ladder Description

•Players place their game pieces on the space on the board labeled "0".Start game by rolling the dice.
•The first player rolls the dice and mark off the number rolled starting on the "1" spot on the board.
•All players take turns rolling the dice and moving their markers.
•If the marker reaches the number which has bottom of the ladder he climbs the ladder and go to the top of the ladder and continue from there.
•If the marker reaches the number which has the face of the snake then he needs to go down to the box where it has its tail and continue from there.
•A player gets an extra turn if he gets 1, 5, 6 while rolling but he needs to move the marker each time he rolls the dice as he needs to follow the ladder or snake for each turn.
•One who reach top left corner box of the board will be winner of the game

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