Pro Tools 10 107 - Exploring the Mixer

Pro Tools 10 107 - Exploring the Mixer


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Jan 06, 2014
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Pro Tools 10 107 - Exploring t Description

The Pro Tools mixer is legendary –and mixing in Pro Tools is a required skill for anyone who wants to make it in the recording business. Learn all about basic mixing, signal flow and automation in this Pro Tools 10, Avid Learning Partner tutorial: Exploring the Mixer...

Mixers are the heart and soul of every DAW. Because they are virtually copies of hardware mixers they require that you understand how the audio signals pass through them. They have tons of channels strips and a multitude of outputs possibilities. There are also all kinds of complicated internal routing–not to mention FX sends and automation!

So where do you begin? In this tutorial mixer Scott Freiman takes you step-by-step through every aspect of the Pro Tools 10 mixing environment. You’ll explore the mixer’s layout and its signal flow. You'll see the different kinds of groups and understand why and how to use them as you build your mix. Next you’ll explore the Inserts and Busses as Scott demonstrates the different ways you can apply FX to your tracks.

From there you’ll get a lesson on setting up headphones mixes and an in-depth section demonstrating all the major Automation techniques and how to employ them into your mixing workflow.

So whether you're new to Pro Tools, studying for AVID Certification or simply brushing up on your Pro Tools 10 skills, this Exploring The Mixer course is designed to get you started on the right track!

 And if you want to get even deeper in to mixing and mastering, Check out all of’s AVID Learning Partner Pro Tools 10 tutorials and our ever expanding collection of advanced Pro Tools tutorials by Grammy Award-winning engineers, industry pros and AVID Certified Pro Tools instructors.

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. The Mixer
3. Mixer Layout
4. The Big Fader
5. Converting MIDI to Audio
6. Converting a Multi-Output Instrument to Audio
7. Automatic Delay Compensation
8. Review
9. The ALL Group
10. Creating Groups
11. Modifying Groups
12. Working With Groups
13. Review
14. Adding Inserts
15. More About Inserts
16. Types of Inserts
17. An Overview of Channel Strip
18. Review
19. Busses
20. More About Busses
21. Solo Safe
22. Creating a Reverb Send
23. Adding a Second Reverb
24. Pre and Post Fader
25. Bus Interrogation
26. Creating a Headphone Mix
27. An Overview of Mod Delay III
28. Review
29. Recording Automation
30. Viewing Automation
31. Automation Modes
32. Automating Plugins
33. Editing Automation
34. Copying Automation
35. Disabling and Locking Automation
36. Clip Gain and Volume Automation
37. Review
38. Master Tracks
39. Creating a Karaoke Mix
40. A Quick Bounce or Two
41. Review
42. Thanks for Watching!

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