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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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phhht's Road Trip Bingo Description

Do you long for those days, as a kid, when you went with your family on long road trips, passing the time playing “car bingo,” peering out the window, scouring the landscape for stop signs, fire trucks, and so on? phhht’s Road Trip Bingo provides you the “Classic” road trip bingo game to do just that.

But do you really long to look for churches and yield signs? Really?!? Phhht! We didn’t think so. If reality tv has taught us anything, it’s that what we really are looking for are supernatural abodes, animal carcasses, and the Sasquatch! And that’s exactly what we bring you with the “phhht” version of Road Trip Bingo! Mindless time wasting the way you always wanted it to be!

“But wait!” you say. You don’t want your young kids looking out the car window for dilapidated vehicles and liquor stores? Well then, you can block access to the “phhht” version so your youngins only have access to the “Classic” items. Rivers and mailboxes, now that’s better.

So, what are you waiting for? Mindlessly spend $1.49 on this game and waste your time away. Or less mindlessly try the trial version for free. But thinking is over rated. So buy it for $1.49!

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