Numbers '09 101 - Core Numbers '09

Numbers '09 101 - Core Numbers '09


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Jan 06, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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Numbers '09 101 - Core Numbers Description

If you're in business, Numbers matters! Numbers tells the story of commerce and a scientific way of life. Put plans into action ... use Numbers '09!

Numbers '09 is an incredible application for creating spreadsheets on the Mac. With its deep formulas, integrated graphing features, and the ability to copy and past tables from web pages and other documents directly into your numbers project, Numbers '09 is your go-to app for any Mac-based spreadsheet application.

In this 5-hour title by trainer Gary Atkins, you'll learn how to create formulas, format tables and cells, create intricate and descriptive charts, and work with multi-table spreadsheets. you'll even learn how to insert graphics and other media into your spreadsheets to really spice-up your display!

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire show. Use the detailed menus and keyword search functions to quickly find items of interest. For a full list of this tutorial's topics, check out the Table of Contents!

Table of Content

01. Intro
02. Starting Numbers and Adding Numbers to the Dock
03. Choosing a Template
04. Spreadsheet Basics
05. Show/Hide the Toolbar
06. Show/Hide the Format Bar
07. Zoom Controls
08. Entering Text
09. Using the Autofill Option
10. Entering Numbers
11. Typing a Formula
12. Using the Mouse to Enter a Formula
13. Using the Function Button to Create a Formula
14. Drag & Drop Formulas (MInimum & Maximum)
15. Using the Formula Editor and Function Browser
16. Editing Formulas
17. Fonts, Typeface, Size, and Color
18. Aligning Cell Contents
19. Formatting Numbers
20. Cell Borders
21. Formatting a Table
22. Resizing a Table
23. Spell Check Menu
24. Spell Check Key Commands and Right Click
25. Changing Column and Row Sizes
26. Viewing Documents in Print View
27. Printing
28. Creating a Chart Using the Menu
29. Creating a Chart Using the Toolbar
30. Turning on the Inspector
31. Naming and Sizing Charts
32. Chart Options
33. Chart Y-Axis Options
34. Chart X-Axis Options
35. Series Options in Charts
36. Copy & Paste Tables
37. Moving and Aligning Tables
38. Adding Comments
39. Insert/Delete Columns and Rows
40. Entering Formulas Using Multiple Tables
41. Copying Formulas Across Multiple Tables
42. Double Checking Formulas between Multiple Tables
43. Document Formatting
44. Sheet Formatting
45. Creating a Header & Footer
46. Adding a Sheet
47. Formatting Number Cells
48. Formatting Time and Date Cells
49. Cell Borders and Shading
50. Text Formatting with the Inspector
51. Creating a Checklist from the Tables Button
52. Creating a Table from the Insert Menu
53. Create Header & Footer Rows
54. Applying a Style to a Table
55. Creating a Table from the Address Book
56. Unhiding and Deleting Columns
57. Working With Header & Footer Rows
58. Sorting Data
59. Searching Data
60. Alternating Row Colors
61. Creating Categories
62. Inserting a Text Box
63. Inserting a Shape & Resizing
64. Adding a Reflection & Shadow to a Graphic
65. Inserting a Picture from iPhoto
66. Resizing & Positioning a Picture (or a Graphic)
67. Using Instant Alpha to Remove Background Colors
68. Exporting as a PDF File
69. Exporting as an Excel File
70. Exporting as a CVS File
71. Sharing Your File Using Mail
72. Using Part 1
73. Using Part 2
74. Opening an Excel File
75. Opening a CSV File
76. Wrap Up

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