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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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NFC Clipboard Description

NFC Clipboard does one thing: It reads text data off of NFC formatted tags and copies it to the Windows clipboard. Only the last text record found will be copied to the clipboard. The text need not be in the first record of the tag. NFC Clipboard recognizes multi-record tags and copies the last text message it finds to the clipboard. If the tag contains multiple records, only the last one will be copied.

While NFC Clipboard recognizes most NFC formatted record types, if it encounters one that it does not recognize it will skip the remaining data, so be sure that your text data appears before any record the program may not recognize.

Once copied to the clipboard, you may use the text in other apps that use the clipboard, like password managers or forms-based apps

The program has buttons to allow you to view the clipboard contents or clear the clipboard contents.

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