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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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Math Rush Basic Operations Lit Description

Math Rush Basic Operations app is designed to improve mental calculation skills for current hi-tech generation. Math Rush series not only improve critical and logical thinking but also get rid of fear over math and create interest over math problems and puzzles.
Math Rush works on a different concept than the other usual math games.
A number is shown on the top , pop two circles to make that number depending upon the operation you chose. For example, if you choose Addition and the number on top is 15, you can pop the circles that have 9 and 6 (or) 2 and 13 (or) 10 and 5.
Each operation has 999 levels. Pop all the circles in time to pass the level. If you make 3 mistakes, you fail the level. If you could not pop all the circles in time, you fail the level.
You can score more depending on these rules. For every correct pair you choose, you get 100 points.

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