Lightroom 4 101 - Building A Photo Library

Lightroom 4 101 - Building A Photo Library


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Jan 06, 2014
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Lightroom 4 101 - Building A P Description

Building an effective photo library is an important asset to every professional photographer. Join Adobe Master Instructor Martin Perhiniak as he shows you how to construct and develop your library using Lightroom 4.

What are the benefits of having an organized photo library? Where does Lightroom 4 fit in with the Adobe software product family? Why use Lightroom versus Adobe Bridge?...Photoshop? Why use Camera RAW files? What are DNG files? This 50-plus video course, by Adobe Certified Instructor Martin Perhiniak, reveals all the answers.

Creating a professional photo library starts with knowing various ways you can import files into Lightroom. In this course Martin offers you his “best practices” for importing images, including: intuitive Drag and Drop methods, using a dynamically updated “Watched” folder and Tethered Capture directly from your camera.

Once your shots are inside Lightroom’s ecosystem, Martin shares his time-saving tips and tricks for organizing the imported files using: Flagging to quickly gather related files, Star Ratings to rank photos in logical ways and Color Labels for easy “at-a-glance” viewing and the super handy Painter Tool!. He then explains the importance of adding Keywords to your images and the tremendous value of assembling Smart and Quick Collections. From there you learn how to develop and synchronize your photos before exporting them for additional external editing. This course comes to completion with a series of videos on storage devices, sharing your photos and publishing them on popular photo sharing websites.

After watching Martin’s “Building Your Library”, you will easily and quickly streamline every project, effortlessly increase your productivity and build a professional library. In short, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Lightroom superstar!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Lightroom vs. Bridge
3. Lightroom vs. Photoshop
4. Why to Use RAW Files?
5. What is a DNG File Then?
6. Understanding the Interface
7. Working with Panels
8. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
9. Customizing the Interface
10. What is a catalog?
11. Working with Multiple Catalogs
12. Backing up a Catalog
13. Optimizing a Catalog
14. Updating Legacy Catalogs
15. Exporting a Catalog
16. Preferences
17. Import Dialog
18. Drag-and-drop Importing
19. Auto-importing from a Watched Folder
20. Tethered Capture Importing
21. Deleting or Removing Photos
22. Grid and Loupe Views
23. Navigator Panel
24. Catalog Panel
25. Folders Panel
26. Using external drives
27. Filmstrip
28.Comparing two Photos
29. Surveying Photos
30. Dual-monitor Support
31. You can Save a Lot of Time
32. Flagging and Rejecting
33. Stars Ratings
34. Color Labels
35. Using the Painter Tool
36. Filter bar
37. Stacking
38. Collections vs. Folders
39. Quick Collection
40. Smart Collection
41. Tagging Images in the Map Module
42. Why to Use Keywords?
43. Adding keywords
44. Keyword Sets
45. Using the Painter Tool for Keywords
46. Synchronizing keywords
47. Metadata panel
48. Quick Develop
49. Synchronizing Settings
50. Apply During Import
51. Do I need Photoshop Too?
52. External Editing Preferences
53. Export to Hard Drive and for e-mail
54. Uploading Photos to Facebook and Flickr
55. What's Next?

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