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Irish Red Ale

Beer kits are a cheap and easy way to make your own beer. Cameron Wallace and Luc Delistrade show you how they make kit beer, beyond the instructions. This tutorial will yield 23 liters/ 6 US gal of some very cheap and drinkable beer. Produce tasty ale for pennies a glass. The Irish Red Ale is a great place to start your adventures in home brewing.

Using equipment that you probably already have in your kitchen you too can start to make your own beer. All you will really need to pick up is some basic brew stuff like a plastic primary fermenter, siphon rod, glass carboy, pop-top bottles and hydrometer and you can start utilizing your kitchen for something other than food prep, making your own beer.
In this beginner level tutorial with some tricks and tips Cameron and Luc have learned along the way you can master the kit beer and be drinking it in about three weeks. They will show you that if you can make soup, you can make beer from a kit! Experience for yourself the freedom of brewing your own ale and save a lot of cash doing it.

Table of Contents:
Kit and Extract
Irish Red Ale
The Boil
Pitching the Yeast
Original Gravity
Primary Racking
Secondary Racking
Terminal Gravity

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