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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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Grapholite Mind Maps Description

It is a simple but powerful solution for the creation of mind maps developed especially for Windows 8 and combining state-of-the-art interface providing convenient editing with any input facilities (from touch and stylus to mouse and keyboard) and rich abilities for graphics styling.
You can set position of every mind map element manually or use automatic layout. It’s possible to select individual layout style for child elements of every node. Separate hierarchy levels can be dynamically expanded or collapsed.
Ultimate collection of built-in themes allows complete modification of a diagram with a single click. At the same time, users are still able to manage all visual attributes of the selected elements – type, color, width of lines, fill and all text parameters, etc.
There is also a unique ability to style any diagram element in “sketch” mode as if it was drawn manually. This mode is ideal when you want to show that your mind map is only a draft.
Besides the pre-designed shapes, it’s possible to insert pictures, create spline shapes and draw manually.
Unlike most tablet applications that represent limited versions of desktop software, Grapholite Mind Maps includes all means for fully-functional editing of the document, allows working with multiple open documents concurrently, manipulate object tree of the diagram, etc.
Every diagram element can be associated with a hyperlink.
Designed diagram can be exported to PNG, JPEG or SVG, printed or shared via Share Charm.

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