Grade 9 Chemistry by WAGmob

Grade 9 Chemistry by WAGmob


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Oct 07, 2014
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Grade 9 Chemistry by WAGmob Description

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WAGmob brings you, Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning snack for "Grade 9 Chemistry". The bite sized app helps you to understand the basics of "Grade 9 Chemistry".

Only 101 introduction to "Grade 9 Chemistry" is provided via this app. The app provides snack sized, bite sized learning. It is not a replacement for the book.

App features include tutorials, quizzes, flashcards.

"Grade 9 Chemistry" includes tutorials, quizzes, and flashcards for following:

Matter in Our Surroundings,
States of Matter,
Substance and its Forms,
Structure of the Atom,
Atoms and Molecules,
Physical and Chemical Changes,
The language of Chemistry,
Elements and Compounds,
Study of First Element,
Study of Gas Laws,
The Periodic Table I,
The Periodic Table II.

About WAGmob apps:
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2) Offers value for money (a lifetime of free updates).
3) Over One million paying customers from 175+ countries.

Our Vision: A platform to create, amplify & distribute SIMPLE ’N EASY APPS for a lifetime of on-the-go learning.
Our Mission: A simple ’n easy WAGmob app in every hand.

Please write to us at We would love to improve this app.

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