Google Chrome: Tips & Tricks and More

Google Chrome: Tips & Tricks and More


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Jan 06, 2014
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Google Chrome: Tips & Tricks a Description

Google Chrome: Tips & Tricks and More

With this series of video tutorials, you will find out how use to the Google Chrome internet browser. As well as the standard features found in all the leading browsers on the market (such as Firefox and Internet Explorer), you will also learn how to use some of the special tools unique to Chrome, such as Google Cloud Print, which allows you to share your printer with other users via your Google account. The Chrome browser is extremely fast and powerful, and can be customised with extensions, themes, and applications downloaded from the Chrome webstore. In the webstore, you will find extensions allowing you to add RSS feeds or add Internet Explorer- or Firefox-specific features. And for those of you interested in accessing your personal data on different devices, your personal settings can be saved via your Google account and then imported into any device running the Chrome browser.

A tutorial is a video lasting just a few minutes which demonstrates a particular tool or use (Searching a webpage, Browsing with multiple windows, Bookmarking a website address) and how to get the most out of it. Each Vodeclic tutorial is produced by a specialist subject trainer and adheres to a clearly defined learning method.

App include:
- Playlist "Google Chrome Easily & Quickly Guide"
- Playlist "Google Chrome Tips & Tricks"
+ Automatic Translation in Google Chrome
+ Using Extensions on Google Chrome
+ Bookmark sync for Google Chrome
+ Rearrange and organize tabs
+ Google Chrome & Privacy - Browsers, Privacy and You
+ Google Chrome & Privacy - Keeping Browsers Updated
+ Google Chrome & Privacy - Browsing Safely
+ Google Chrome & Privacy - Browser Cookies
+ Google Chrome & Privacy - Browsers Search and Suggestions
+ Incognito vs Click&Clean
+ Delete History in Google Chrome Is Just A Click Away with Click&Clean
+ Enable Vertical Side Tabs in Chrome
+ How to watch YouTube videos offline using Click&Clean!
+ Capture your screen using Click&Clean
+ Scan for Malware directly in Chrome
+ Shorten URL with,, or using Click&Clean
+ Check Google Chrome version installed on computer
+ Turn On Spellings checker in Google Chrome
+ Show Home button in Google Chrome
+ Remove Chrome Apps with quick drag & drop
+ Update Google Chrome browser to latest version
+ Set Google Chrome as default web browser [version 24 & above]
+ See saved passwords stored in Google Chrome [New Updated method]
+ Group Apps in tabs & sections in Google Chrome
+ How to see saved passwords stored in Google Chrome
+ Setup Offline Gmail to read emails without internet
+ Hide Comments on Youtube videos in Google Chrome
+ Auto hide toolbar & address bar in Google Chrome
+ Change Prerendering Instant pages setting in Google Chrome
+ Recent Google Chrome extensions in top menu toolbar
+ Browse only one website in Google Chrome window
+ Browse only one website in Google Chrome window
+ Browse only one website in Google Chrome window
+ Revert Google Chrome language back to English
+ Reset Google Chrome to original default settings
+ Change default Web Browser on Windows PC
+ Open & use Chrome Apps Launcher on Windows
+ Display Chrome Apps List on new tab
+ Google Chrome private mode shortcut
+ Hide Apps shortcut on Chrome Bookmarks bar
+ Open Recently closed Tabs in Chrome
- Playlist "Google Chrome Extensions"
- Playlist "Google Chrome Help"
- Playlist "Google Chrome Tutorials Training"

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Wish you have a happy and good study day.

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