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Finger Pad

Added the request function of user.
---- Finger Pad ----
"Finger Pad" is software that can create a sentence without using the keyboard.
Enter as writing on paper, and "Finger Pad" recognizes a sentence.

Do not care even if slightly different text.
(When finished enter the sentence, Please make a correction on the target-application.)
You create your sentence anyway, and Try to paste text to the desired location In the copy-button.
That was simple, wasn't it?

[New function]
New function will be able to use the eraser into the Handwriting area.
You can Switching "Eraser" and "pen", in the toggle switch of the upper right corner.

[ Use case ]
Used to input the search criteria. [ Internet search ]
Used to create e-mail.
Used to create the text documents.
Used to create a little note.
... etc

Please find a way to use a variety.


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