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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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File Bank Description

When you want to safely store away your money you take it to a bank. But what about when your want to safely store your computer files? You could try to use encryption software that is easily broken. You could store your files on a "secure" cloud server that probably gets regular visits from hackers... If you wanted to truly keep your files safe you would have to put them all onto a flash then place it inside a coffee can that you bury in the backyard!

DON'T TAKE OUT THE SHOVE!!! File Bank will save you the all that digging and undigging by simply keeping your files safe all within this powerful app!

Using multiple methods we take a file, copy it to the file bank (deleting the original if you want), do lots of in depth file protection processes (we use technics NO OTHER SOFTWARE COMPANY DOES), once all that is done the file is fully protected!

(You can withdraw your files at any time for no additional fee)

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