Edge Animate 101 - Getting Started

Edge Animate 101 - Getting Started


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Oct 07, 2014
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Edge Animate 101 - Getting Sta Description

Our very own Adobe specialist, Iain Anderson explains how Edge Animate impressive software works. Start animating now!

Adobe's Edge Animate is cross-platform, scaleable, interactive animation software designed for the web.

Adobe's Edge Animate software gives you the power to create rich and expressive animations for any iOS, Android or desktop browser. In this course, by animator and educator Iain Anderson, you get an in-depth look at how this powerful program works and how to use it to create all kinds of unique and powerful web-based animations.

It starts with an explanation of the Edge Animate User Interface (UI). Iain takes you through each pane of the UI showing you how it functions while you set up your first Edge Animate document.

Next you learn how to create/import all kinds of shapes, objects, images and text elements as you build your project's assets. From there you learn all about the different transform, filter and nesting options that Edge deploys to help add character and finesse to your project.

The final section of this 22-tutorial course is all about animation. It's here that you learn the full extent of Edge Animate's creative universe. Iain explains the basics as well as showing you all the different types of animation techniques that Edge has to offer.

So sit back and learn the essentials of this powerful program from the ever-enlightening and always inspiring Iain Anderson!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Interface Basics
3. Setting Up a Document
4. Creating Shapes
5. Colors
6. Creating Text
7. Importing Images
8. Transform Options
9. Filter Options
10. Advanced Options
11. Nesting & Grouping
12. Animation Basics
13. Keyframing & Transitions
14. Auto-Keyframe Animation
15. Pin-Based Animation
16. Easing Basics
17. Advanced Easing
18. Motion Path Animation
19. Choosing an Animation Strategy
20. Finessing an Animation
21. Putting It All Together
22. Conclusion

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