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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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**This is a small update to support changes to our Paypal integration. A bigger update in is the works, so stay tuned!**

The eBay app for Windows 8.1™ allows you to tap into the world's largest online marketplace anywhere you are. Built upon simple, intuitive design, it will help you quickly navigate to whatever you want to do on eBay.

Never miss a deal with the eBay app for Windows 8.1™ with alerts when you are outbid or auctions are ending. You can customize even more alerts so you stay on top of your shopping. Pinning ‘Live Tiles’ to the homepage provides updated information about your activity.

The eBay app lets you view Daily Deals, Search, increase existing bids & watch items from the world's largest online marketplace.

We have been listening to excellent suggestions about usability, and have made many changes to enhance the experience as a result. Please provide feedback, suggestions, and comments at: https://getsatisfaction.com/ebaymobile/products/ebaymobile_ebay_for_windows_8 or tweet us @ebaymobile.

If you like our app, please let us know via the app's Settings -> Rate and Review.

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