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Jan 06, 2014
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Cubase 6: Level 1 Description

In level 1 of this 4 part series we’re going to cover some of the amazing new features in Cubase 6.

We will take you through everything you need to know to get started and explore some of the advanced new features of Cubase 6. We’ll see how workflow has improved greatly with the new version and take an in-depth look at the incredible new Amp Rack system. We’ll show you how making a remix has never been easier thanks to the all new Tempo Detection feature, and how the revolutionary new Group Editing function will save you hours of repetitive work.

If you're new to Cubase or want some help getting accustomed to the latest version, then this course is perfect. It's also great for advanced users who are unfamiliar with the newer layout and controls. This course is the perfect companion purchase with a copy of Cubase! It’s the next best thing to having the expert right there beside you.

After answering literally thousands of tech support calls, Cubase Addict Jeff Pilley can save you hours of frustration by smoothly guiding you through the program, in a step by step, easy to follow style.

Table of Contents:
1. MIDI Setup
2. Audio Setup
3. New Project
4. Tracks
5. Track Presets
6. The Transport
7. The Project Page
8. Tools 1
9. Tools 2
10. Customizing
11. Real or Virtual MIDI
12. MIDI Recording
13. VST Connections
14. Basic Recording
15. Recording Details
16. Looping
17. Loop Recording 1
18. Loop Recording 2
19. Autoscroll
20. Grids & Snap
21. MIDI Editing
22. Audio Editing 1
23. Audio Editing 2
24. Group editing
25. The Event Info line
26. Managing Audio 1
27. Managing Audio 2
28. The Mixer 1
29. The Mixer 2
30. The Arranger Track
31. Key Commands & Macros
32. Workspaces
33. Virtual Keyboard
34. The Amp Rack
35. Tempo Detection

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