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Oct 07, 2014
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Course for Pages: Mac & iOS Description

This 37-tutorial course by expert Francesco Schiavon teaches you everything about using Pages to create and edit documents on all your devices now that Apple's Pages is everywhere: On the Mac, iPad & iPhone and in the cloud!

You've got an important deadline. So you start creating an equally important Pages document on your Mac. Progress. Then, while rushing through a quick lunch at the cheap little place on the corner, you get an amazing idea! No need to panic. Between bites, you pull out your iPhone and boom... your document is there ready to receive your ideas. Cool, that leaves time for a quick low-carb dessert!

After a strong cup of espresso, you're back at your desk and boom!... those lunchtime additions are already in the document on your desktop Mac and you continue your work.

Later that day, after a lot of hard work, you're down the hall, sans any of your Apple devices, and your group leader wants to see what you're working on... and yikes, all they have is a PC! Hmmm... no problem, you pull up a browser on their Windows PC, log in to your iCloud account and boom... there's the latest version of your document! You export it as a Word doc and everyone is happy!

This is called productivity and this course, led by Apple productivity expert, Francesco Schiavon, you learn how to operate Pages like a productivity master of the universe - on all of your devices! So boot up Pages and follow along and just see how the powerful and ubiquitous Pages will change your word processing life!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. The Template Chooser
3. Interacting with Pages in OS X and iOS
4. Template and Document Structure
5. Basic Text Editing
6. Text Properties in iOS
7. Headers and Footers in OS X
8. Headers and Footers in iOS
9. Intro to Pages in iCloud
10. Create Your Own Text Styles
11. Bullets and Lists
12. Formatting Text Boxes
13. Formatting Borders and Shadows
14. Creating Custom Text Box Styles
15. Updating Custom Text Box Styles
16. Adding a Chart
17. Adding Tables and Formulas
18. Editing Tables with Formulas in iOS
19. Working with Charts
20. Arranging Objects on the Page
21. Text Wrap Around Objects
22. Adding Images
23. Arranging Images on the Mac
24. Arranging Images in iOS and iCloud
25. Instant Alpha - Adding Image Transparency
26. Final Touches Before Export
27. iCloud Sharing
28. Stopping iCloud Sharing
29. Emailing a PDF
30. Sharing a PDF from iOS and iCloud
31. Emailing a Word Doc
32. Exporting an ePub
33. Conclusion

34. How iCloud Works
35. Setting up iCloud
36. Open and Save Dialogue Boxes
37. iCloud File Management

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