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Oct 07, 2014
x86, x64, ARM
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BombHunters Online Description

Here is your chance to complete the Grand Challenge and write yourself into history! If you are looking for a decent game to pass time, BombHunters Online is a divine game to share with your friends. It’s a way to talk to that special someone you have nothing in common with, and the newest game on the marketplace, inspired by a classic well-know game. But aside from the classic version, BombHunters Online offers a hexagon and a triangle version, as well as a chance to create your own boards.

Complete forty levels of all versions to accomplish FANTASTIC VICTORY

Online Gaming
After choosing a theme, the version, the size and the level, you challenge another player.
Your goal is to disable as many bombs as possible. When playing, you can distract or annoy your opponent via chat function, and the loser can ask for a return match.

Creating Special Board
Set the time limit, mode, and hide your bombs wherever you please! Name your one-of-a-kind board and share it with your friends or with everyone.

Keep track of scores
High scores are shown in Top Players menu. Shared boards have their own Top Players, and you can view just your own scores alone. Your scores are based on the level, the time you took completing it, and the number of your mistakes. When playing online, you can also keep track of your thriving victories and unfortunate defeats.

Search and filtering
Search and filtering for all the lists, for example player list, score lists.

And many more …

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