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Oct 07, 2014
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After the Alphabet Description

After teaching my grandson the alphabet, I looked for the next logical step, two letter words. Not finding any resource, I created my own flash cards, but comprehension was missing. So I added a word for two letter word phrases. This helped somewhat, but my daughter's illustrations made it an easy sell to my grandson, who would pick this book as his favorite every time. "After the alphabet" provides the next logical step after letter recognition. Having taught your child the alphabet, individual letter recogtion, what next? Two letter recognition of course. The concept of words is the challenge that must be overcome. The book does exactly that, by providing a simple easy to understand and common two word phrase with a soft on the eyes illustration. Each two letter word is the same color to demonstrate its importance. Each left page is blank for your personal use of reward (stars or stickers) and further phrase use and illustration. This book makes learning fun and successful.
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