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Apr 13, 2021
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Workout Music Studio Description

If you like to workout to music or improve your fitness through interval training, then you'll probably love Workout Music Studio.

Workout Music Studio is a software tool that can:

* Change the pace of any song so that it will exactly match your preferred personal pace. This is done without changing the pitch of the song or damaging its quality in any way. The converted songs will sound exactly the same as the original versions, only they will be in a tempo that fits your natural workout pace.

* Create smooth mixes from your new tracks by combining them in any order you like to make the best music with steady a beat throughout your workout.

* If you incorporate interval training in your workouts then you're in for a treat - you can add cues for interval training at the intervals and periods you choose on top of the music so that next time you train you will get the cues while enjoying the music.

Workout Music Studio is also very simple to work with. Just download it and see for yourself. It can't get any easier.


* Converts the pace of CD Tracks, MP3, iTunes (M4A,MP4), WMA, OGG and WAV Files.
* Automatic or manual pace detection of music files.
* Creates smooth mixes for a smooth workout
* Saves newly paced music as MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV files.
* Preseves the audio pitch and quality - only changes the pace.
* Enables adding interval training cues on top of the music at specified interval periods
* Very simple to operate - convert your first track in seconds.

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