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Oct 02, 2022
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Wife of Bath Study Guide 1.0 Beta Description

This program should provide an indispensable guide to anyone studying Chaucer´s ´Wife of Bath´s Prologue and Tale´ for advanced level or below. It has a wealth of notes on themes, characterisation, style and background, as well as a many quotations from the tale which can be studied and used in essays. Each note section is accompanied by in context questions which can be answered in sequence or randomised to make it more difficult. IN the question menu, you can choose between true and false, multiple choice, general and essay questions. Under ´Utilities´ you will find quotations, resequencing exercises and ´find the missing word´ passages. There is also immediate access to editing text and copying the text from the program on to the clipboard for your own writing and essay work. Far easier and direct than sorting through the morass of material, some good, some very bad, on the Internet, you can use this program on any computer, and you don´t need to be on line. It is a small program, completely self-contained and only 1 Mb, so you can easily pop it on a disk or card to use on any computer.

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