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Sep 27, 2022
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Win 7/Vista/XP

Web Resizer Description

Web Resizer was made to convert and downscale common graphic format such as JPEG, PNG, WMF, TGA and so on to standard web graphic formats i.e. JPEG and PNG for browsing friendly size.
When you are using this kind of software (image viewer or image resizer or some kind), perhaps you have experienced that once you select a folder it contains many big images, your application is not responding or your application is freezing.

Possibly you have a lot of Mega pixels images inside the selected folder and your application tries to load all those images. It takes a very long time even if you have a fast PC. And you are not able to do anything until it loads all image files on the memory and actually it must reload them all when you want to convert or resize them. But it will not happen with Web Resizer.

Web Resizer does not load images before you choose to load them - you will not see thumbnail images on the list view when you just select a folder.


With Web Resizer, the users are able to:

* convert common graphic format to standard web graphic format JPEG and PNG
* convert DPI
* apply resampling filters to make better quality
* convert sepia tone or black & white (grayscale)
* enhance compression
* make progressive JPEG file
* convert supported graphic file to 24 bit graphic (or even 8 bit PNG without having trouble)
* automatically apply contrast and brightness
* automatically sharpen images
* rename image
* insert text as watermark into image with nice soft shadow
* rotate image
* browse image
* preview image
* save a log file (multi resize mode only)
* save all resized images to a ZIP file (multi resize mode only)
* wide strings (chinese, japanese, etc..) enabled for watermark

Naturally, it is supported with batch mode resizing everything above. Max. image size will be the same as the original image.

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