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Jun 18, 2018
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web human emulator 4.0.18 Description

Human Emulator - this is constructor that hasn't currently available analogues in the world. It allows you to create even the most outstanding solutions for work at your browser automation. It is limited only by scope of your needs, not by templates set; it is the Automator of consuming most of your time routine. There isn't more functional and, at the same time easy-to-use, solution for independent automation of routine tasks in browser. Human Emulator will suit both for experienced programmers and people who are not familiar with programming.

Human Emulator - a symbiosis of Internet Explorer and PHP, which does not require technical knowledge of one or the other program. What previously took away a day or two and required programmers hiring, are done less than an hour by yourself now! In addition there is built-in system, which will create desired Automator by your actions. It is modern Macros, with which you can write work script with the most tricky even in a frame elements.

The basic program functional:

* Auto filling of forms and text fields;

* Recording and replaying of any site element;

* Collecting, comparing, storing and sending of data;

* Ability to run the program at a certain time (built-in scheduler);

* The program can be minimized to system tray (it will not interfere with other applications).

There is following functional for Web generated projects testing:

* Collecting and checking all site links on the workability;

* Working with databases;

* The ability to substitute useragent without stopping the program;

* Call various events onclick, onkeydown and so on, depending on need;

* Working with Cookies;

* Remote working with the application, if it is installed on the server with the ability to send results via FTP automatically;

* Ability to work with Proxy servers;

* Integrated test script development environment with the ability of debugging;

* Selective elements loading functional;

* Working with Drag-and-Drop elements;

* Work and its results logging;

* Searching and working with the screenshot elements;

* Ability to multi-threaded working using both identical and different scripts in each thread;

* And many other functions that you can learn in the detail at the supplied with the program manual.

Checked program deployment:

* Sites monitoring (including validity of the forms checking in real time);

* Testing of the sites workability;

* Site (blogs, forums, cms etc.) transferring from one engine to another;

* The online and offline applications integration;

* Working with AJAX or private sites areas;

* Full human action emulation, up to the mouse movements and pressing any keyboard buttons.

The program "goodies":

* DOM objects management at the browsing mode;

* Access to elements by name and by number (there is elements auto numbering for number fast searching);

* Works fine in the site protected areas;

* Specifying the various settings for the browser - from size to headers and acceptances;

* Keyboard and mouse events emulation;

* Obtaining CY and PR;

* Partial Windows control;

* Remote system performance working - a script can run on unix-system, and the program on another engine with Windows OS installed (on appropriated server or VPS, including under VMWare).

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