yicheng on June 13,2013Useful (1 )    Useless (0)
From XML torrent options to IP filters, firewall tests to UPnP plug-ins to baked-in social networking, Vuze isn't breaking new ground--the original BitTorrent client has gone this path, too--but it is doing it in an innovative and attractive way. When you install Vuze, you're faced with an interface that will be instantly familiar to iTunes users.
limegooger on June 04,2013Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
Vuze - Great download speed
Vuze-Easy to customize
Vuze-Playing video files within Vuze, without needing a separate program
Vuze-Converting videos for many devices such as iPhone, iPad or PSP
tixatiuser on July 08,2012Useful (1 )    Useless (0)
If you want to have a good, fast, downloading experience the only client to choose is Tixati.
delicious on August 03,2011Useful (1 )    Useless (0)
i have a pretty slow connection and have installed both utorrent and vuze. whereas utorrent falters to even start properly a single download i'm having a gala time with vuze. the connection is slow and torrent ports are blocked by the isp, but still vuze manages to download large files, although the time taken is exorbitant.
whatarewords on July 26,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
I understand the complaints about bloat and unwanted features, and I prefer uTorrent myself, but this is NOT a two-star or even four-star program. It's a good torrent client as long as resource usage isn't a primary concern, and NOTHING can beat it for feature completeness.
coopera on July 25,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (1)
awesome and fast and does not include all that junk that is included in the windows version and for the poster below you can get it from the repositories

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