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severuscold on June 29,2014Useful (6 )    Useless (4)
VLC, an excellent video player that never lagged or had any issues on me. I always install it on every computer I use. Never, ever will I forget about it.
nathaniel1 on June 04,2013Useful (2 )    Useless (4)
VLC never failed me. I've been using this all my life and found no problems. it's the best media player in the world
woep.woepel on October 04,2012Useful (6 )    Useless (4)
perfect program to view
valross46 on September 02,2011Useful (19 )    Useless (1)
To be honest this plays any file I download --Fixes broken files and I cannot fault it. I never had any issues with it --and as mentioned in other posts the best thing is that it is free.
Thanks for reading the short review but there isn't much more to say as it works great!
Hope someone finds this a help.
dovie on August 09,2011Useful (8 )    Useless (8)
Simple and straight forward and it is very easy to use. There's nothing you can get for FREE and it really works !!! Don't hesitated, just download and install it now!
lines on August 08,2011Useful (4 )    Useless (1)
Great! It plays flv files, can watch youtube vids from everywhere now!! I recommend it, furthermore it's free and portable. I wish it were better at browsing for files especially on the TV
100mm on August 08,2011Useful (5 )    Useless (3)
I did not want to download Quicktime to play a MOV video, so I searched and found out that VLC plays MOVs Great!. When I came to download it, I found something else, there is a Portable version... Double Great!!!
noteb on August 08,2011Useful (5 )    Useless (0)
Good software! Only con is it has not yet been updated to Win 7 so I have to play it in WinXP compatability mode - not a problem except this is one of the few programs that does not support the aero theme when played in compatability mode - minor quibble as Win 7 auto changes to Win Basic Theme when I launch VLC and then auto returns back to Aero Theme when I close VLC.
flake on August 08,2011Useful (1 )    Useless (0)
Portable and all codecs are built in so no worries about an install screwing up your system or a client's system. Plays nearly everything and is very easy to use. All around excellent software.
snow on August 08,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (2)
great picture, great quality audio, extremely customizable and plays everything from .flv to .mkv to .avi.
One of my favorite media players, especially for installing on the system of newbies.
reviewer on August 08,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
Wonderful! It's suitable for almost all formats of audio and video files! have been running it for a long time. nothing wrong was found!
gigly on August 08,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
I think this is the best player for pc and i have tried a few!so i recommend this to everyone who i know is looking for a player that can pretty much play almost anything!keep doing a superb job!
tears on August 08,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
This is a very easy player to figure out how to use it and it works just fine on my 64 bit Windows 7. Can't wait for the next version to come out.
flying on August 08,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
I love this product! This really does not bog down my system at all. It runs in the background so silently and seems to be catching everything it needs to catch. I have tried other virus protection software and they all have slowed my system down, but this is very low on memory usage. Great Product! Would recommend to anyone.
frew on August 08,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
Though I add only usage reports to its development, I have used it exclusively for several years. It was the only way, I knew of, where I could increase the output of my laptop speakers, without distortion.
girels on August 08,2011Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
It seems to handle well. Avi films are better than most other players. Plays all formats I need, intuitive, easy to use, superior.

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