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Jun 30, 2022
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Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

Virtual Hypnotist 5.8 Description

Virtual Hypnotist is a free, open source, interactive hypnosis program, and is a rewrite of Hypnotizer 2000. It includes features such as voice recognition, speech synthesis, subliminal messages, completely customizable scripts (featuring a unique scripting language), videos, audio, and lots more. Its purpose is to simulate a real hypnosis session as much as possible. Features: Script maker, for easily editing scripts, and for creating your own, which uses a flexible and unique scripting language. Binaural brainwave synchronizer, for generating sounds that help induce hypnosis (sync brainwaves), and for providing flashing color bars that visually also sync brainwaves. Lots of pre-made scripts, from inductions, deepeners, suggestions, etc. Two subliminal message systems, which add visual subliminal messages in sessions, and even let you display them on your computer screen while you work Hypnotic visual maker, for designing your own hypnotic effects Cool presets that get you started instantly A session logbook that lets you write down successes, notes, ideas, etc. Fully customizable hypnosis sessions Complete speech synthesis; choose from a selection of multiple voices, and even use other SAPI4 or SAPI5-compliant speech engines (only partial SAPI5 support is implemented). Speech recognition that lets you verbally respond to questions and prompts while under hypnosis Easy and powerful scripting language called ISL used for creating and processing scripts Animated characters used as virtual “hypnotists” Pop-up sessions, where the program can hide in the background and “pop up” at a certain time, and start the hypnotic induction Support for video files and flash animations, via Windows Media and Macromedia Flash, and even lots of videos/animations included Speed controls, to slow down and speed up both audio and video HypnoChat and Remote Controller, an AIM-compatible instant messaging system that allows one user of Virtual Hypnotist control another user's program over the Internet with the subject's consent, and even supports group sessions Complete tray icon and popup menu support Text-only sessions that display text on the screen instead of using the speech system. Background and Subliminal modes Support for playing hypnosis audio files, while using Virtual Hypnotist for graphics 3D graphics support with the TrueVision3D graphics engine Video and audio volume and rate changing support Session previewing support WAV file output support (SAPI5 only) Script Processor Console which allows a user to operate the script system in an interactive manner Script Converter for converting standard text scripts to the ISL script format Personalized information for use in sessions (name, gender, and preferred trigger) New GrockTunnel visual, which is a remake of the Grock hypnosis program, and supports word lists written for it. Support for loading scripts, images, videos and audio directly from internet URLs Comes with the Virtual Hypnotist User's Guide All source code is included (written in Visual Basic 6) And more What's New in version 5.8: fixed some phrasing in the users guide added ColorTunnel preset buttons to the Visual Maker new session wizard reworked main screen for wizard moved info on Hypnotizer 2000 from the main screen to the about screen credits made global version string URL loader now checks if URLs start with "http://", and fails otherwise, since app only supports web downloading added a session load button on the main screen added 9.mp3 and hypnoloop.mp3 files

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