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May 26, 2022
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VB Watch Description

Take cover from run-time errors. Test, debug and profile your code. Increase the quality, stability and performance of your Visual Basic 6 programs.

VB Watch is three tools in one: Profiler, Protector and Debugger. Profiler measures performance and test coverage. Protector implements robust error handling. Debugger helps monitor your executables. Download demo

Measure speed and coverage

Where are the bottlenecks? VB Watch Profiler lets you measure execution speed. See what procedures are the slowest ones, and which lines or loops are taking up most of the time. Or measure execution times before and after your enhancements.

The best error handling ever

No more mysterious error messages and crashes! No more yelling users! Find bugs the easy way. VB Watch adds advanced error handlers to your code with a few clicks, keeping your existing handlers fully enabled.

Trace compiled apps

Why debug compiled code? This is the way to do it when you're creating ActiveX controls or writing code for web browsers or Microsoft Transaction Server. Does your code behave as it should when compiled?

Trace the procedure calls and executed code lines in your compiled apps. Even better, monitor and pause your app. See its status. What line is it on? What procedures were called with what arguments? Call stack? Which objects are alive? What global variable values are in effect? Setup breakpoints to your exe, dll or ocx and see what's really happening in it.

Automate VB Watch

The instrumentation console allows you to batch process projects with predefined settings.

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