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Aug 11, 2022
1.1 Beta
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ulib 1.1 Beta Description

ULIB is a lightweight library of useful toolkit for C/C++ programming. In contrast to STL, most components of ULIB provide better efficiency and are thereby good alternatives for high-performance applications.


Currently, it includes:

1. A simple doubly linked list, this can also be used as queue and stack.

2. An efficient hashing scheme - alignhash, both hash_map and hash_set are provided. C macros & C++ templates. See performance comparison at AlignedHashingPerformance.

3. Binary trees, such as BST, splay tree, red-black tree and AVL tree.

4. A list sorting algorithm, this is faster than the qsort() in libc.

5. A binary search algorithm for text files. It works with line-sorted text files.

6. A heap and the corresponding sorting algorithm, this is faster than the STL version.

7. A partition algorithm, this partitions an array into three parts |= K|, O(1) complexity.

8. A collection of fast hash functions for various data types.

9. Primitives for random number generation. Especially useful for designing numerical algorithms.

10. A collection of bit operation hacks. Especially useful for numerical algorithms and cryptography.

11. Both a full featured bitmap and a bloom filter.

12. Several cryptographic algorithms, e.g., AES, RC4, SHA-x, MD5 and etc.

13. A collection of string utilities, including primitives for parallel file processing.

14. Timer, shell, combination enumerator and so on.

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