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May 20, 2018
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TypingMaster Pro Description

What if you could write your emails and reports with ease and in half the time? Learn to touch type and you can! With TypingMaster typing tutor, you will learn to type fast without typos and save dozens of valuable working hours every year. Better typing will help you get things done!

TypingMaster's extensive, clearly structured typing coursese cover the letter and number keys, special character keys, the numeric keypad, speed building and tips on ergonomics. Learning is supported by multi-form exercises, including graphical keyboard drills, timed texts, games and personalized review exercises.

TypingMaster Optimal Learning - Your Shortcut To Results

TypingMaster Pro is able to optimize training to your personal needs, thanks to the Optimal Learning features. They will substantially accelerate learning and guarantee excellent results.

Optimized Duration: TypingMaster Pro lets you complete exercises quicker when you are making rapid progress and provides extra practice when needed.

Smart Review: The program tracks your mistakes and creates tailored review exercises to work on these weak spots.

TypingMaster Satellite: TypingMaster Satellite tracks your real-world typing and then provides training for those keys and words that are identified as difficult. With the Satellite, you can continue honing your skills long after you are finished with the typing courses.

Bite Size Exercises: Each exercise takes only a couple of minutes making it easy to fit training even into the tightest schedule.

Why wait any longer? It's time to let your typing flow.

Unique Features for Optimal Learning

Versatile Study Material

Five comprehensive courses

The five typing courses cover the whole keyboard - including special marks, numeric keypad - and help you to accelerate your typing speed.

Multi-form exercises

The visual keyboard drills, timed texts, games and dynamic reviews will get you in the flow and keep you engaged.

Following Your Progress

Advanced feedback and tips

Get instructive feedback on your progress and difficulties as well as personal learning tips.

Professional typing tests

Test your typing speed with a professional timed tests and view your results with a detailed report.

Illustrated statistics

Follow your progress with graphical long-term statistics.

Optimal Learning

Optimized duration

The duration of each exercise is based on your progress in accuracy and speed.

Personal accuracy goal

Set a personal accuracy goal level for the entire course.

Smart review

Let TypingMaster keep track of your problem keys and help you improve your skills with personalized review exercises.

TypingMaster Satellite

Let the Satellite analyze your typing in other programs for tailored training and typing statistics.

Additional Features

Support for multiple users

Multiple users can easily improve with TypingMaster using the personal study profiles.

QuickPhrase typing tool

Store frequently used text snippets and paste them to any application with a few clicks.

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