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Dec 13, 2017
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Win 7/8/Vista/XP

Steam Description

Over 2,000 games from Action to Indie and everything in-between. Enjoy exclusive deals, automatic game updates and other great perks.

Join the Community
Meet new people, join game groups, form clans, chat in-game and more! With over 40 million potential friends (or enemies), the fun never stops.

Create and Share Content
Gift your friends, trade items, and even create new content for games in the Steam Workshop. Help shape the future of your favorite games.

Entertainment Anywhere
Whether you’re on a PC, Mac, Linux box, mobile device, or even your television, you can enjoy the benefits of Steam. Take the fun with you.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, or 7
512 MB RAM
1 Ghz or faster processor

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User reviews of Steam

d3ment3d on March 20,2012 Useful (2)      Useless (1)
Great gaming program, holds all of your games in one place, updates them as needed, lets you game with friends easily. I have been with steam since '08 and I have never had a problem out of them, nor any of my library of games. +1 from me
clones on August 10,2011 Useful (1)      Useless (2)
once you get used to it, you have the world's most used application for in-game chatting, groups online, profiles, etc... I suggest to download it and have fun using it
aobit on August 10,2011 Useful (0)      Useless (1)
So, when i first installed steam i didnt know what to think of it.. But now im verry happy with it..
Online store!
No CDs needed to install new games, and no serials needed everytime you install some thing.
Built in messenger.
61ting on August 10,2011 Useful (2)      Useless (0)
i've got steam for 3 months now. it seemed very cool: downloading the latest updates and paches, free demo downloads and news from game-world every day.
rasa on August 10,2011 Useful (0)      Useless (2)
steam is an awesome game in my opinion.though at first it was hard now it is easy.anyway it is sucks to my brother for some reason.but he is an badboy at halo too.and im bad at halo.but we all have our diffrences.anyway im just stateing that steam is cool and all but i have to chow so bye!p.s.remember that if you need a cheat for steam or just want to know a glitch just contact me at 770 389 9460 if you want to know.

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