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Dec 16, 2017
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Win vista/98/2000/XP/7/8

SplitCam Description

SplitCam – New features of your webcam

Many people remember times when a video phone was some kind of fantastic device from the future. However at nowadays you can make video calls from your computer anytime you want. For this you need only a webcam and internet connection. Almost all modern laptops have integrated webcam so laptop owners need only internet for video chatting. Dozens of present at the moment IM clients (Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, etc.) allow video calls. Users of such software number increases every day. So webcam video call is usual thing in modern life and you can surprise nobody with this. But… let’s try to do this. For this let’s look at the software named SplitCam. This free program extends your webcam features and can raise your and your friends spirits.

The name of program consists of two words – Split and Camera. Why it’s so? The answer is very simple. Initially the program was designed to solve a problem with exclusive using of webcam by applications in Windows operating system. If you are not aware of this problem try to connect your webcam to Skype and right after this connect the webcam to Windows Live Messenger. In this case you’ll definitely receive “webcam is busy” error message (it’s really so – Skype occupied webcam and WLM can’t access it).

You may think that it’s not a problem at all, that it’s a very rare situation when you need to use webcam in several applications at the same mite. But just remember that there are few dozens of IM clients. What to do if one your friend uses Skype and other friend uses MSN? Moreover remember that many people like to stream their webcam video on sites like Justin.tv or ustream. In all these cases “webcam is busy” error appears. So the problem exists and SplitCam solves it.

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