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May 25, 2018
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Smart French Talking Phrasebook Lit Description

Smart French Talking Phrasebook is a powerful translation tool for efficient and effective communication in French while traveling abroad. It contains over 4000 carefully selected, essential words and phrases spoken by professional native speakers.

With our smart 'build-your-own-phrase' feature you can easily compose thousands of relevant phrases covering almost all everyday situations.
A 'Favorites' capability allows you to save your most important phrases in your personal 'Favorites' folders that can be accessed by one click.

With the unique 'add-new-phrase' feature you can also record or download new expressions and add them with audio to the list of words and phrases.

The phrases are carefully organized into 14 main topics and 114 subtopics.
A fast search facility allows you to find the phrase you are looking for quickly and effortlessly.
This Smart French Talking Phrasebook can be used as a language teacher and personal travel translator. With it you will always be understood - even if you can't speak a word of another language.
The application does not require an internet connection to function.

Key features include:

* more than 4000 indispensable words and phrases with audio
* phrases organised into 14 main topics and 114 subtopics
* smart 'build-your-own-phrase' feature to compose thousands of relevant phrases
* user defined 'Favorites' folders
* unique 'add-new-phrase' feature to expand the vocabulary of the Phrasebook
* sample of dialogs for specific situations while traveling abroad
* learning language mode to memorize words and expressions
* authentic native-speaker voice narration of all phrases
* learning French pronunciation
* multiple search functions to find phrases quickly and easily
* simplified transliteration of French words and expressions
* integrated player that plays all selected phrases aloud in a continuous flow
* relevant linguistic information such as parts of speech, gender and using words in sentences
* user friendly interface
* offline funcionality - no internet connection needed

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