Smart Defrag

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lucio on June 13,2013Useful (46 )    Useless (24)
I have used this program for several years, and have experienced no problems at all. It's fast and efficient.
xiaoxifuer on June 07,2013Useful (15 )    Useless (13)
With Smart Defrag you can quickly analyze your hard drive to check the level of defragmentation before committing to a scan. The interface shows you different colored blocks representing fragmented files, frequently used files, and more, with a helpful key to show what each colored block represents.
andrigama007 on August 25,2012Useful (25 )    Useless (21)
good is very very good
sierkahn on April 08,2012Useful (27 )    Useless (22)
I have used Smart Defrag vol. 2.1 for six mounths or more and have found it to keep my pc running in top shape. I haven't had to use any other defrag program on my windows xp pro system. Thank yopu for a very good product.
drdoonan on March 30,2012Useful (13 )    Useless (16)
Great app., works well, happy to have this awesome tool !! Great way to keep your computer hard drive clean and organized. thank you for this program, very useful, practical program.
sandhya on March 29,2012Useful (2 )    Useless (6)
This software is very useful for those who are confused when their computer are not working to their expectation. great software indeed.
whatsnew45 on March 29,2012Useful (3 )    Useless (3)
In my opinion,I think that this is by far the Best Disk Defragmenter that I have come across or used for all the years that I have owned a computer. I would recommend this to anyone to use over what I have seen so far. Easy to use and it looks good too!!
kosimov on March 25,2012Useful (3 )    Useless (0)
The best I've seen in a long time. However, I would like to see it go one step further, and add some sort of "alignment" and other fine tuning to improve disk performance further. I'd also like to see the optimization do what Norton did when I was last using it (which has been a very long time!): put files together in linear groups near the beginning of the drive. It used to be that I could specify which files or directories to place first, second, and so on. These kinds of features combined to create an optimized drive where the directories and files most often used, and used together, would be put near the "beginning" of the drive, that is, where they would yield the best performance. If this program could do things such as that, it would be so far ahead of anything else it would be the clear winner for everyone. Of course, I have not studied this at all; it could be that the drives we use now wouldn't benefit that much from this sort of thing, etc. I just thought I would toss out my two cents worth in case it may help with new ideas.
chanyudh_thai on March 23,2012Useful (3 )    Useless (0)
it's well for me and my computer to get my jobs. i think if you have any ploblem in your computer you can test to used this program it's will be better.
ycchao on March 21,2012Useful (4 )    Useless (0)
Good Tool. Very detailed. The best defragmentation tool I have used so far. I particularly appreciate the real-time display of this application in action. The defragmenting power seems better than average too.
tamilkader on March 20,2012Useful (4 )    Useless (0)
It will be very use full all window users. thanks for giving this useful software in free. I hope in near future people will approach your service. thanks
dee602 on March 16,2012Useful (2 )    Useless (1)
A must have better then ccleaner. Jetcleaner is great cleans and optimizes my system. Ihave seen a difference in performance and speed , a must have for any pc.
ozimandius009 on March 12,2012Useful (2 )    Useless (4)
I've used this tool since I first found out about it and it is the best and fastest of it's kind, pay or otherwise! I will not run a computer without it!
poxypig on March 10,2012Useful (2 )    Useless (4)
After finally managing to download version 2.3 I find that it throws an exception when it is launched. I have had to revert to version 2.2.
poxypig on March 10,2012Useful (0 )    Useless (0)
The defragmenter works very well and is quick. I want to download the latest version. How on earth do I do that?? Every time I click the download link I'm taken to a totally wrong page!!
The score I've given relates to SmartDefag. The site scores zero.
hardyv01 on March 09,2012Useful (6 )    Useless (1)
This site is as close as it can get to spam, you pres one and download something else very very annoying. The software is great but it's a shame that this company uses these tactics to sell their other products

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