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May 23, 2019
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Win 7/Vista/XP

SlimBoat Web Browser Description


Intelligent Automatic Form Filler

Are you ever tired of typing the same name and address information again and again when you fill in web forms online? Are you tired of entering the same login information again when you login into your favorite websites? SlimBoat has provided an automatic form filler named as QuickFill to help you save and complete those forms with a single mouse click.

You can save the data or login information you have entered in any web form as a form file. After the form is saved, you can access the saved form file from the QuickFill menu. SlimBoat will automatically navigate to the same web page, completes the web form using the saved information and then submit the form. All these three steps are performed automatically without the need for user interaction.

QuickFill will help you to fill blank web forms with your personal information automatically even if you are filling the form for the first time. All you have to do is to define your name, contact and address information in an identity file. After that, you can select "QuickFill->Fill with current identity" from the menu to complete the current web form using artificial intelligence recognition technology. SlimBoat supports multiple identities so that your entire family can enjoy the QuickFill feature together.

Facebook Support in SlimBoat

SlimBoat provides convenient user interface for you to interact with Facebook directly without openning your facebook page first. It allows you to share the web page you are viewing with your friends with a single click. You can also share a picture or a piece of text within any web pages easily. What's more, you can directly update your personal status or share what is on your mind on facebook directly from SlimBoat.

Web Page Translation

With the built-in translation feature inside SlimBoat, translating web pages from one language to another has never been easier. SlimBoat supports translation between almost any languages in the world. SlimBoat supports both translation of a full web page and translation of selected text.

* To translate a full web page, just select "Language->Translate Current Page" from the menu.
* To translate selected text within the active web page for just once, select "Language->Translate Selected Text" from the menu.
* To enable automatic translation of selected text upon your mouse selection, select "Language->Auto Translate Selection" from the menu. You can select any piece of text within the web page. The translation will be automatically displayed when you release your mouse button.

Quick Search

SlimBoat gives you easy access to many general search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.com and special search engines like Wikipedia, Amazon.com by way of the quick-search box. You can type a few keywords in the quick-search box and press enter to directly submit your search to the selected search engine.

Download Manager

Are you also tired of broken connections which force you to restart the download all the way from zero? Are you tired of Internet Explorer opening as many download dialogs for each file you are downloading? If that is true, the download manager included in the SlimBoat is going to make your life a lot easier! With the download manager, you can pause and resume download jobs any time. You no longer have to worry about broken downloads. You can close the web browser and pause all the download jobs. In the next session, you can pick up the download jobs right where you left it off.

Site Group

Site groups allow you to define a collection of web sites as a group. For example, you can put together a bunch of news sites as a group and open them every morning with a single click. You can create as many groups as you want. You can also organize the groups into subfolders like the way you organize regular bookmarks. You can even include one or more auto-login entries inside a site group.

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