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Aug 11, 2022
2.1.3 Beta
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Win 7/Vista/XP

Simox Description

Simox is a leightweight platform indepedent C++ toolbox containing three libraries for 3D simulation of robot systems, sampling based motion planning and grasp planning. The Virtual Robot library is used to define complex robot systems which may cover multiple robots with many degrees of freedom. The robot structure and its visualisation can be easily defined via XML files and environments with obstacles and objects to manipulate are supported. The libraries Grasp Studio and Saba use these definitions for planning grasps or collision-free motions. State-of-the-art implementations of sampling-based motion planning algorithms (e.g. Rapidly-exploring Random Trees) are served by the Saba library which was designed for efficient planning in high-dimensional configuration spaces. The library Grasp Studio offers possibilities to compute grasp quality scores for generic end-effector definitions (e.g. a humanoid hand). The implemented 6D wrench-space computations, offer the possibility to easily (and quickly) measure the quality of an applied grasp to an object. Furthermore, the implemented planners are able to generate grasp maps for given objects automatically.

The only external dependencies that are need on your system are:

QT: a platform independent window toolkit
Coin3D: an open inventor implementation together with SoQt (to visualize open inventor scenes in QT windows)

With the Virtual Robot library robots and environments can be specified and accessed via XML definitions. The structure of a robot is given by its joints (called RobotNodes) which are defined via Denavit-Hartenberg conventions or an easy-to-use "Translation+Rotation" scheme. The robot specification holds further information as name, joint limits, sensors, visualization and collision models. For convenient access kinematic chains and collections of collision models can be additionally defined. An instance of such a robot definition can be visualized by a viewer to show the current state of a robot. Furthermore, environments, obstacles and objects to manipulate can be defined and visualized. Thus it is possible to construct complex scenes used for simulation or planning and to store and load such scene defintions to/from XML files. The main features of the library are:

* The library defines an interface for collision checking, allowing to exchange the collision checker used for determining distances or collisions. Currently the PQP collision checker is used due to it's fast and robust implementation.
* A generic computation of Jacobains and it's Pseudoinverse are offered for arbitrary kinematic chains.
* A generic IK solver, utilizing randomized approaches, is implemented for solving the IK for redundant kinematic chains.
* Reachability disributrions are supported, in order to precompute the 6D reachability of a kinematic structure (e.g. an arm) and to quickly decide whether a pose in workspace is reachable or not.
* A generic definition of end effectors allows to realize complex hands (e.g. humanoid hands can be defined). End effectors can be opened/closed and contact information can be retrieved e.g. for grasp scoring.
* It is possible to store and load object-related grasping information for a given end-effector, which directly can be used within the IK solvers.
* Multithreading is supported, e.g. multiple instances of the collsiion checker can be used to parallelize collision queries.

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