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1- The Elegant design and the harmony of colors which attract the attention of the client.
2- Nice keys sounds which makes the client interacts with the program (optional).
3- The ability to open more than one showroom window for handling more than one client and sub queries.
4- ShowMe Displays the related products, it increases the effectiveness of products presentation.
5- You control to hide or show the product price according to your needs.
6- You can save a private data for each product (Not for customer),It is useful for saving the discount limits, commission system, supplier data etc.
7- Special display signs like (special offer, limited quantity, New product, Hot price, Guarantee, etc.) you control to show or hide any of them. 8- Quick search such as next links (Go to cheaper product, Display only products with special offers)
9- Advanced search to find your customer needs easily.
10- Your customer can select some products while the display " just click (Mark It)"; It is useful so the customer can review and compare between the selected products,
or you can save them for another meeting to be loaded again. 11- To save time and effort during adding new products which are sharing some data; you can use the button (Save and add new with the same specifications).
12- For saving time and efforts during updating products data on your sales team laptops; just update one ShowMe copy then use the key (Backup) to export the updated databases; finally use the key (Update) for each program to import these updates.
13- For the integration of the sales process; ShowMe allow the creation of customer order that receive customer's data, products data and payment method to be saved or sent to office. 14- There is also (Special Data fields) feature; they are optional fields which you can add or create; to be used for display and search like (date, color, available, email, car speed, RAM, etc.)
15- ShowMe provide a Slide Show feature; it is useful for exhibitions, fairs and while customers are waiting.
16- The program is Multilingual; it supports 5 languages (Arabic-English-French-Spanish-Russian).
17- ShowMe could be the springboard of your success.

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