SanDisk Media Manager

SanDisk Media Manager


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May 26, 2022
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Win 7/Vista/XP

SanDisk Media Manager Description

SanDisk Media Manager offers an easy way to transfer media between your mobile phone and your PC using a USB connection cable. Featuring an intuitive graphical interface, this PC program lets you selectively upload your media to your mobile device's memory card with a single click. It also automatically downloads new photos and videos from your phone to your PC, ensuring your files are always backed up.

Easily transfers files between your PC and phone
One-click auto-fill allows quick media uploading
Automatically backs up new photos and videos from your phone
Intuitive graphical interface provides easy file browsing
Compatible with most Windows operating systems

Organizes Files and Transfers Data To Your Phone

SanDisk Media Manager makes it easy to transfer files between your phone and PC. With Media Manager, you can select individual files from your PC's media library and upload them with a single click of your mouse. The program automatically organizes your data, preventing the confusion of misplaced files or the clutter of accidental duplication

Automatically Backs Up New Photos and Videos
Thanks to its automatic syncing system, Media Manager ensures the photos, music, and other important files stored on your phone are always safely backed up. When you connect your phone to your PC, the software automatically recognizes and downloads new photos, videos, voice notes, and other content recorded with your phone.

User-Friendly, Intuitive Design
The Media Manager features an intuitive graphical interface that lets you easily navigate and organize all your media files. The program's music tab lets you effortlessly view your music collection and add individual songs--or even entire albums or folders--to your phone's music library. There's also an easy-to-use photo and video manager that organizes your visual media.

Software Compatibility
SanDisk Media Manager is compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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