RealTime Equalizer 4.10

RealTime Equalizer 4.10


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Mar 27, 2015
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Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

RealTime Equalizer 4.10 Description

RTEQ 4 was designed to be an useful utility for processing music files like MP3s or WAVs and for real time adjustment of audio signals from sound card inputs. Its main purpose is to process the music to suit the users taste. The equalizer achieves this demand by processing the frequency spectrum of the music. It comes with two versions: a Winamp Plugin and a stand-alone version, which can be used with other players like ITunes or Real Player. This download includes both versions. Features: Equalizes files like MP3s and real time audio signals RTEQ comes in two versions. A standalone version which equalizes real time audio signals and the WinAMP plugin version which equalizes files like MP3s. Up to 300 channels - You can choose how much channels you want to equalize. It´s easy, just tell RTEQ how many channels to show. You probably will never need 300 channels, but why not 24? Use RTEQ like a professional. Amplification from -INF to +90.2dB - Higher dB values mean higher amplification which means higher freedom in forming transfer functions. RTEQ does not restrict you to +90.2 dB but the hardware does. Variable dynamic range - This is a feature you will not see at other equalizers. You can decide whether you want a fine amplification range from -INF to +20dB or a powerful amplification range from -INF to +90.2dB. Separate L + R or S + D channels - With RTEQ 4 you can either equalize both stereo channel at once or separately. Possible configuations are separate Left + Right or Sum + Difference channels. Dynamic equalizer - RTEQ has got the possibility to equalize dynamically. This produces a much higher qualitative sound than static equalizing. Spatial Resurrection - This option lets you widen the spatial effect of stereo music. Variable quality - RTEQ lets you choose the compromise between quality and processing power which suits you most. As the quality influences the lowest frequency RTEQ processes a high quality allows the lowest frequency to go down to 2 Hz. Supporting presets - Presets let you quickly adjust the equalizer. Presets can also be shared with other users. Supporting skins - Make RTEQ look pleasant for you by choosing skins. Skins like presets can be shared with other users. Saving files - As a plugin for WinAMP RTEQ can save equalized files. This may prove practical when you don´t want to equalize the same file every time you play it. Free - RTEQ is a free equalizer you can download at any time and make as many copies as you want. Regular updates - New versions of RTEQ are released regularly. RTEQ improves on every new version.

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