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Rank Tracker SEO software

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Sep 25, 2022
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Rank Tracker SEO software Description

Rank Tracker is a fully-customizable SEO software that is indispensable for webmasters and SEOs who need to check their rankings in over 370 search engines worldwide and discover new rocking keywords to target.

Here's how you can benefit from using Rank Tracker:

1. Monitor your rankings for an unlimited number of keywords and keyphrases
At a glance the tool lets you see where you rank in more than 370 search engines. Advanced search Safety features are included to deliver reliable results.

2. Run checks for as many websites as you wish
Unlike most of the SEO tools out there Rank Tracker let's you work with an unlimited number of websites.

3. See where your rankings go in more than 370 search engines
Get the latest information on your SE rankings in a great number of regional versions of Google, Yahoo! and MSN including Saudi Arabia, Honk Kong, Spain, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Portugal, Costa Rica, Ireland, China, Singapore, Korea, and many others. Besides you can run ranking checks in local search engines such as Baidu, Fireball or Ask, etc. Moreover, you can request your favorite search engine to be added if it isn't supported yet!

4. Come up with great keywords
Amazingly effective keyword research feature of Rank Tracker SEO tool will help you discover new keywords you can include in your SEO campaign. The SEO software will automatically calculate KEI for these keywords so that you can easily find the best ones.

5. Keep historical data of your rankings stats
You can view where your website ranked at any given period of time for any keyword in any search engine. An eye-candy graph will help you see the whole picture of your online progress at a glance.

7. Create ranking reports with KEI stats, information on top ranked keywords and other data.
The reports are easy to customize so that only the stats you really want are included.

8. Cross-platform SEO software for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Rank Tracker runs everywhere.

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