Random Password Generator

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nicolehammer on August 08,2013Useful (15 )    Useless (24)
Useful if you want to quickly generate passwords.
nathaniel1 on June 04,2013Useful (19 )    Useless (33)
Found a backdoor to get into the password "vault" (password storage) No I will not tell you how one can easily hack in and retrieve passwords (seriously a baby could figure it out).
mohd.nidzam.948 on February 06,2013Useful (6 )    Useless (30)
nehh...very..very..very good....
silva on January 10,2013Useful (47 )    Useless (10)
what happens if I forget the password I used to lock the Password Generator? -_-
Fully uninstall it and reinstall doesn't work ><
jonestexas on December 28,2011Useful (45 )    Useless (56)
This is so handy and generates the weirdest passwords - this is good but why does it rate it's own password as weak? most places won't take a punctuation mark. I really like it and use it daily and feel secure. Thanks.
jonestexas on December 28,2011Useful (20 )    Useless (29)
I really like the odd passwords but some are rated weak. It should not generate weak passwords. But I use it, enjoy it and hope you are always around. Very Handy!

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