RadLight 4.0 Final

RadLight 4.0 Final

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May 27, 2018
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Win XP/2000/2003

RadLight 4.0 Final Description

RadLight 4 is the first true multimedia player that allows you to fully experience all kind of multimedia content such as DivX, DVD video or AAC/MP4 audio at highest quality possible on the PC. It is the only all-in-one multimedia solution on the market to deliver all of this without being a resource hog or being too complicated. In order to achieve the best user experience and the smoothest playback we needed to take on a different aproach when designing the new generation of RadLight. RadLight´s unique modular architecture and its performance-driven component management allow us to fully utilize the potential of modern PC´s while using only limited amount of memory and CPU power. The new sophisticated architecture makes RadLight not only very fast and stable but also highly flexible & extensible via third-party plugins and modules. It´s really easy to extend RadLight´s functionality or to make it look completely different when necessary.

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