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Apr 22, 2021
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Win 7/Vista/XP

proxy sniffer professional 4.5-D Description

Proxy Sniffer is a professional web load testing tool which allows you to run performance tests by simulating thousands of virtual users against web applications.

This product is especially suited for testing the performance of:

* Online Banking Applications

* Web Portals

* Web Shops

Professional Load Testing Tool - Easy To Use

Load Curve Diagram of Web Performance Test Proxy Sniffer enables you to quickly perform professional web load and web stress tests. Thus you can determine exactly how many users a web application can support. As a further result of the performance test in-depth and detailed measurement results give you valuable hints for tuning and optimizing the web application.

No programming of load test scripts required, easy to use And no scripting or programming is required. All features of the Proxy Sniffer load testing tool are directly accessible from the high-performance, user-friendly graphical user interface. This saves you time, and significantly simplifies doing load tests.

You will be surprised how easy and fast test procedures can be created and executed - even complex ones. With only a few mouse clicks, a wide range of professional features are at your disposal.

Innovative Technology

Using innovative technology, Proxy Sniffer supports you in the implementation of load tests including:

* HTTP/S Proxy Recorder and Web Crawler

The recording of load test scenarios occurs through pre-surfing with any browser like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer via a universally useable HTTP/S Proxy-Recorder. Also the traffic of technical web client applications which exchange XML or SOAP messages over HTTP/S can be recorded. Alternatively, load test scenarios can also be recorded automatically using an integrated Web Crawler.

* Unlimited Scalability - Simulating Thousands of Users

Depending on the test scenario, hundreds of web users can already be simulated by only one load-releasing computer. The scalable architecture of the product supports additionally an unlimited load generation with thousands of users by a simple combination of several Windows and/or Unix-like systems to a homogeneous, load-releasing cluster.

* Realistic Test Scenarios

Several load tests can be run simultaneously. Multiple client IP addresses can be configured for each load-releasing system, allowing a web application cluster with a load balancer to be stressed in a realistic way. The network bandwidth for each simulated user can be artificially reduced in order to simulate slow access connections.

* Support for all Current Authentication Methods

Proxy Sniffer supports logging in to web applications with HTML form parameters as well as with HTTP basic authentication (username/password pop-up window), with Digest authentication, with NTLM authentication (Windows domain accounts) and with X509 client certificates (in PKCS#12 format). Each simulated user can be allocated an individual login account.

* Real Simulation of Web Surfing Sessions

For every simulated user an individual context is created during the load test execution. Together with the automatic support of session cookies Proxy Sniffer offers also to handle dynamically exchanged session parameters efficiently: e.g. hidden HTML form parameter or .NET VIEWSTATE parameter.

* Automatic Protection from "false positive" Measurement Results

During a load test, Proxy Sniffer compares the content of the received response with the content of the originally recorded response using a unique heuristic algorithm. This powerful feature allows the detection of errors at the application level (malformed web pages) - even when a web page with a correct HTTP response code is returned. This protection against "false positive" measurement results is automatically applied for each load test.

Due to this protective mechanism, a clear improvement of the test quality is achieved - with no additional configuration effort.

* Real-Time Statistics and Real-Time Error Analysis

During a load test, an overview of the measured response times for all web pages and their URLs is displayed in real-time and the current activity of the simulated users can be observed. Furthermore, all details about occurred errors can be shown and analyzed in real-time, so that error analysis can begin immediately, without having to wait for the end of the load test. While a test is running, it is supported to enter notes which will appear later - after the test has been completed - in all time based diagrams of the measurement results.

* Detailed Measurement Results, Test Result Comparisons and PDF Reports

After the end of every test, there are up to 18 different diagrams and statistics available at various layers, from the most generic to the most specific. From these results, a complete formatted test report can be created as a PDF document, supplemented with own comments. Results of different test runs can be compared to each other, allowing the efficacy of tuning measures to be verified, and to visualize the response time behavior and the stability of the web application under different load conditions.

* Support for Windows and all Unix-Like Operating Systems

Proxy Sniffer can be installed and operated on almost all operating systems, such as Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008 and also on on all Unix-like systems such as SUN/Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD and many others.

* High-Performance GUI - No Scripting and No Regular Expressions

The recorded raw data from the load test scenarios is initially retained in virtual memory where it can be extended and post-processed via a high-performance and easily understood GUI. The processing of dynamic session parameters, for example, or the assignment of differing user accounts will occur at this level.

After all aspects of the load test have been defined in the GUI, the load test program is automatically created in the form of performance-optimized Java code. The automatically created load test program can be run directly from the GUI and will no longer require manual modification.

In contrast to the many other competitor products, no scripting of load test programs and no knowledge of regular expressions is necessary. This saves time and considerably simplifies the test creation. Since the load test program code is automatically generated no programming knowledge is required to use the Proxy Sniffer product.

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